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I am currently a student at the University of Bristol, studying Veterinary Medicine. I have tutored maths and science students throughout my studied and have aided people in their applications to vet school, being a very difficult and competitive process. Being a student myself, I know and can appreciate the stress of exams and the want to achieve high grades. This can mean that many just need that extra boost of confidence prior to exams to show that they really have the capabilities to achieve what they wish. My own degree consists of many different modules and species topics, as a result I`d like to think I`d be able to help with different revision techniques too, not just increasing the quantity of revision but also the quality to maximise knowledge intake. I would love to enthuse fellow students of younger years in maths and science, topics that can so easily be perceived as boring and a bit of a chore, but really open so many doors when going onto higher education or the world of work, and give essential skills that can really be useful for future use. I do have a DBS check and am willing to send a copy should you want to see it or I am happy to provide you with my CV (including a breakdown of my own grades over the year,) many thanks, Jack.

As I previously mentioned I have tutored people throughout my own education - predominately in Biology and Maths ranging from GCSE to A level stage. I currently am tutoring students in GCSE maths for their exams this coming summer.

My degree timetable can really fluctuate week on week so I would be more than willing to arrange on a `as and when basis` to meet during the working day. Or I would be free during the evenings throughout the week to meet at a library or convenient location. I already tutor some students currently, who I keep in contact with and arrange a date and time when is suitable for us both, we normally find we manage to get into a pattern anyway.

Rates summary: £15 to £20 per hour

Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level Degree Adult Learner

Rates summary:

Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level Degree Adult Learner

£15 - £20

per hour


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