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Birmingham University-trained fully qualified teacher with experience of teaching at primary schools across the West Midlands region. I have also achieved and completed a Law Degree which reflects my academic ability at the highest level- skills I utilise as a tutor. _________________________________________ Highest Quality Tutoring I qualified as a teacher at Birmingham City University which is one of the top universities for outstanding teacher training. _________________________________________ A Personalised Service Having Qualified Teaching Status means I have studied specialist modules in pedagogy and the science of teaching. This means I can offer a tailored service to meet individual needs of children and assess how they learn best. This is something unqualified tutors cannot offer and may not even be aware of. An in depth knowledge into the National Curriculum means I can identify strengths and provide appropriate challenge. I can assess weaknesses and offer motivating solutions to remedy these. Having qualified in the `holistic well being of the child` means I have gained quality knowledge of the emotional, psychological and academic needs of the child. By focusing on the whole child, it can produce great academic results. _________________________________________

My Clients My friendly manner and hard working approach ensures I go over and above for each client I teach. Having taught pupils with varying needs in differing communities` means I have built up my client network. For instance, a Key Stage 2 pupil who was well below his age related expectations in English progressing to above his age related expectations and a Key Stage 1 pupil who could not speak in sentences who is now talking in and writing complex sentences shows how all have experienced good progress in their attainment. __________________________________________ Levels taught: Early Years Speech and Language. Early Years Mathematics. KS1, 2 and 3. __________________________________________ Why choose me? I practice what I teach. As well as gaining access to first class English and Primary School tuition, you or your child will gain essential skills needed for future education and work establishments. A multi faceted approach focusing on the psychological as well as the academic needs of learning will mean you or your child will benefit as a whole person.

Weekends- AM. Shortly be expanding to weekday evenings as well as weekends.

Rates summary: £30 per hour

Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level Degree Adult Learner

Rates summary:

Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level Degree Adult Learner


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  • Primary education with QTS
  • Birmingham City University



  • Law degree
  • The University of Birmingham



  • History
  • Shenfield High School


Grade 5

  • Guitar
  • Rockschool