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I am currently doing PhD from University College london in Mechanical Engineering. I did my Bachelor and Master in Mechanical Engineering. I have excellent academic background as a Mechanical Engineer and have high success rate in improving student`s future grades by helping them in their academics and improving their weak sides in academics. I am patient, dedicated and extremely committed in helping you understand areas you may find difficult with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

I am working as lecturer at University since 2009.I have many years experience of highly successful teaching of science subjects at school and college level as well. MATHEMATICS: Most of the student have difficulties in NUMBER, ALGEBRA, RATIO, PECENTAGE, DIFFERENTIATION, INTEGRATION, and TRIGONOMETRY etc. which are my most interesting topics. I have a unique approach to these topic and after tutoring from my students feel it easy to solve any problem related to these topics. CHEMISTRY: In chemistry, students need to clear their basic concepts and the rest is very easy for them. PHYSICS: I have a strong command on some of the difficult topics of Physics like SIMPLE HARMONIC MOTION, CIRCULAR MOTION, NUCLEAR PHYSICS, GRAVITATIONAL etc. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SUBJECTS: Strength of Material: I taught strength of material subjects for so many years. I am specialized in topics like stress, strain, plane stress analysis, Mohr’s circle, failure theories, strain energy etc Engineering Drawing: I am specialized in topics like Planes of projects, types of projection, line, plane and solid projection Refrigeration: I am specialized in topics like Vapour Compression Cycle, Bryton Cycle and Vapour Absorption Cycle

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Rates summary: £20 to £25 per hour

Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level Degree Adult Learner

Rates summary:

Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level Degree Adult Learner

£20 - £25

per hour


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  • Mechanical Engineering
  • University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan



  • Mechanical Engineering
  • University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar



  • History
  • Shenfield High School


Grade 5

  • Guitar
  • Rockschool